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What People Are Saying

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Offline Access

"I travel a lot for work. I often want to work on my emails when I'm on an airplane without having to pay for wifi. I want to download them and make notes on the email so I know what I need to do when I land."
- Brooke S.

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Important Documents

"Unfortunately, I got audited last year. It was a nightmare. I had two years worth of important emails with receipts that I needed to print up and take with me to the tax man."
- Jim D.

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"I used to communicate with my grandmother for years over email. She also sent me a ton of photos via email. She past away last year and I want to download these emails to keep them safe."
- Monica M.

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A Book of Memories

“Ten years ago my brother went to Costa Rica for a year, and wrote the family every day from an internet café. I wish there was a way to print up my old emails and save them like a book.”
- Xavier P.

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